• Collision Animation and Simulation

  • Collision Animation and Simulation

  • Collision Animation and Simulation

Forensic Animation and Reconstruction Solutions

CSI Forensics specializes in Forensic Animation, Crash Reconstruction, Trial Graphics and Fire Modeling consulting services. We provide expert scientific analysis to insurance companies, law firms and police departments. Our work has been featured on such programs as the Discovery Channel’s Discover Magazine: Termite Productions-Crash Detectives, MSNBC’s Out of Control: Why Cars Crash, and numerous news broadcasts.

Let CSI Forensics put the power of high quality animation to work for you. Our work is affordable yet highly detailed. Located in Houston Texas, we have been simulating and animating traffic collisions since 1992. Our work has been effectively used in numerous multi-million dollar plaintiff and defense cases throughout the country. Our animators have over 18 years of on-the-job experience creating presentations for corporate and legal clients.
"I have always been impressed with CSI's reconstruction and photo-realistic video presentations"
Benny Agosto, Jr. Attorney at Law
Accident Reconstruction
CSI Forensics offers a variety of services in the field of crash reconstruction analysis. Frequently, our experts are called upon to render expert opinions in trial.

Forensic Simulation
Unlike animation, simulation involves colliding vehicles together using computer software and seeing where they end up. Animation involves positioning vehicles based on seperate calculations.

Diagrams & Displays
We produce high quality diagrams and displays for many experts and attorneys. Our Cad diagrams are full color and favored by many experts. Legal clients use primarily our 3D digital displays for trial.

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