Custody Lawyer Honolulu

If you feel that you have received a verdict that is not correct be sure to call our law office as soon as possible. If you and your spouse have joint investments, you will need to think about capital gains and other financial issues as a part of your divorce agreement. You would probably be surprised at the legal ramifications of shoplifting and other misdemeanor crimes. If you are unhappy being married, and there are no children involved, an uncontested divorce may be perfect for you. Never walk away from an accident of any kind without getting the contact information of those involved and witnesses too.

There are situations in every divorce that need to be handled carefully by a skilled attorney. There are many ways to take care of you after an accident, and we want to be sure you get the compensation that you should be entitled to. Some people have uncontested divorces while other people need a mediator to figure out who keeps what in the settlement. When you need to know your car accident rights, be sure to give us all the details of your accident. There is never a time when domestic violence is supported or tolerated, so if you have been accused, call our experienced attorney to represent you.

If every effort is made to serve someone and they have successfully avoided being served, some courts may allow us to post the service by publishing it in the local newspaper. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of workplace accidents that take place every year. Getting the best result from a family law issue may mean getting custody of your children. The more serious your injuries are from a work related accident, the more compensation we should be able to get for you. If you have issues with real estate or business, our attorney will be able to help you.

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