Welcome to the European Wireless 2018 Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the European Wireless 2018 Conference (EW2018) in Catania, one of the nicest cities in Southern Italy. EW2018 is hosted by the University of Catania, organized by the Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (CNIT), and held in Catania in the impressively beautiful location of Palazzo Manganelli. The conference is aimed to address new research results in the field of 5G technologies, with a special focus on emerging methodologies expected to have an unprecedented impact on the service flexibility and network efficiency of future wireless systems. The theme of this edition, which is the 24th of a long history of the European Wireless conferences, specifically is "Wireless Futures in the Era of Network Programmability".

Keeping on the tradition of the previous European Wireless editions, the scope of EW2018 is broad, including, in addition to the subjects of the main conference theme, the most relevant topics in network programmability. The Organizing Committee of EW2018 has prepared a stimulating program including technical presentations, workshops, tutorials, invited talks by distinguished keynote speakers, as well as social events.

EW2018 is proud to have world-class researchers as keynote speakers. David Gesbert (EURECOM, France) will give a talk on "Learning from the sky: autonomous flying access networks for beyond 5G", Hikmet Sari (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Sequans Communications, China) will talk on "Multiple Access for 5G - A New Look on NOMA", and Tommaso Melodia (Northeastern University, USA) will provide a speech entitled "Toward an Optimization-Based Wireless Network Operating System".

EW2018 has also organized two workshops in relevant aspects of 5G communications, including: "COCOA - COmpetitive and COoperative Approaches for 5G networks" and "International Workshop on 5G Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things (GET-IoT)". Moreover, EW2018 offers four tutorials also on specific areas of 5G and network programmability, including: "Cell-Free and User-Centric Massive MIMO Cellular Networking Architectures" held by Stefano Buzzi (University of Cassino, Italy), "Intra-flow sparse network coding: Modeling and open issues" held by Ramon Aguero Calvo (University of Cantabria, Spain), "Cloudification of 5G and beyond" held by Emilio Calvanese Strinati (CEA-Leti, France) and " Connectivity of nano sensors in health care and agritech" by Qammer H. Abbasi (University of Glasgow, UK). EW2018 also includes also an exhibition session with relevant demos from major Italian industrial partners.

We would like to thank all of our colleagues who have been contributing to make EW 2018 a great event, and specifically the Technical Program Co-Chairs (Marco Di Renzo, Daniel Lucani, and Luca Sanguinetti), the Workshop Co-Chairs (Giang Guyen, and Ilenia Tinnirello), the Tutorial Chair (Leonardo Badia), and the Web Chair (Marco Reno). We are grateful to Frank Fitzek, who, as a Chair of the EW Steering Committee, has strongly pushed us to organize the 24th EW edition here in Catania.

Catania is the most active industrial and commercial city in Sicily and an impressively beautiful and dynamic city, with a lot of old Greek and Roman ruins, as well as Baroque style buildings including Via Crociferi, a UNESCO heritage site. Catania is also the seat of one of the oldest universities in Italy which dates back to 1434, being founded by the King Alfonso of Aragon. Besides, Catania is the largest industrial site in Sicily with huge industrial plants of multinational companies, like STMicroelectronics, Leonardo (FINMECCANICA), and others.

We hope that you can profitably exploit the chance to meet the scholars and researchers coming from all around the world to attend EW2018. EW2018 actually intends to offer a friendly atmosphere to establish new personal contacts and encourage exchange of ideas with focus on 5G technologies and network programmability.

Once more, on behalf of the whole Organizing Committee of European Wireless 2018, we are pleased to welcome you, hoping that you have a truly inspiring and rewarding experience. We will do our very best to make your staying in Catania comfortable and enjoyable!

Laura Galluccio and Sergio Palazzo
European Wireless 2018, General Co-Chairs