We're going to travel to Estonia at the beginning of next month.

I really didn't say everything I said.

God forbid that anything should happen to Boyce.

You're taking the wrong sow by the ear there, pal!

All men are pigs (present company excepted).

He had his socks on inside out.


In reports in America, guerrilla resistance by the Iraq military is called terrorism.


I want to know when Billie came to Boston.

We helped Theodore the best we could.

This is the first time I've ever brought a painter home.

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You must talk to us.

You need your parents' permission if you are going to apply for that.

I've decided I'm going to stay.

Karam is the best student in the whole school.

Watch out for his latest movie which comes out next month.


Attack is the best form of defense.


He needs a cab.

At the most, you'll only be 30 minutes late.

I shouldn't have walked home late at night by myself.

Many people shop here.

What're we looking for?

Mayuko doesn't get enough sleep.

Please don't ask me about her.


Nathaniel tried to scream, but Mats covered his mouth with her hand.

Our child likes dogs, but I prefer cats.

My daughter sings in the choir.


Let's make love!


I think we've seen enough.

If I'd known we were going to take a photo, I'd have dressed better than this.

Ilya sang badly on purpose.

The two pieces were glued tightly together.

He raised a finger in protest.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

It's too fast.

You were there for me when I needed you.

Someone has to tell Vic he should go on a diet.


He quit smoking.

He had to take care of his dog himself.

Cairo has a very warm climate.

Do you have any non-alcoholic drinks?

They chopped off the chicken's head.


I slipped and fell on the crosswalk, just when the light turned red.

Roll down your window.

Morton was having trouble trying to find his best pair of cuff links.

Why don't you leg it?

They want to see you dead.

That coat may have cost a lot of money, but it's worth it.

I hope Carolyn comes.


I'm thinking about changing jobs.

It was during the rainy season three years ago that Panzer first met Louie.

I love Chinese food, especially pot stickers and rice.

I've decided to start studying French.

An old lady sang to me.

Do you have any weapons?

They say that "Hamlet" is the most interesting play in writing.

Nothing happens without God's knowledge.

I had to get out of Boston.

The young man manages a big department store.

Now and then I think of divorcing him.

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This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

I'd never met him before.

The last witness sealed the prisoner's fate.

Do you think Woody really meant what he said?

Russ said you could work here.

When are you holding a sale?

Tell me. I'm all ears.

I see the girl.

Henry was very depressed.

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There is a sunflower field near the train station.

This is the first time I've ever been absent.

Bring your tools with you tomorrow.

That's all I needed to hear.

Give me those socks, my feet are getting cold.


His excitement is easily accountable.

Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.

You're worse than Hamilton.

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You don't have a plan, do you?


This really ticks me off!

I will wait till you have written the letter.

The high-ranking official kept his calm.


I regret nothing of my life.

We're cautiously optimistic.

Jason says he already knows the answer.

Murray was all alone in the house.

I can no longer stand this noise.

There is man's best friend!

You can buy the ticket from the vending machine too.

Give me some strong coffee as well!

Please show me around.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

At the end of the class, the teacher said, "That's enough for today."

Svante asked Alice if she could borrow a dress to wear to the dance.

The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.

Are you free right now?

He's got good rhythm.


He has no less than twelve children.

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Ann is doing an invitation.


The car ran into a guardrail.

I don't think, therefore I am not.

How did you come by all this money?

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Have you had your oil changed recently?


How fast that horse runs!


He's pretty bad at tennis.


Over the years we have tried many different strategies.

Let's check it later.

One of the boys stood up and started yelling.

I'm giving you a choice.

Miles is extremely artistic.

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You're smirking again.

How frequently do you check your email?

We must try again. Come with me and don't be afraid.

In March 2014, the Administration released a Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions from landfills, coal mining, agriculture, and oil and gas systems through voluntary actions and common-sense standards.

He was included in the deal.

His reply was in effect a refusal.

Here is a brief explanation.

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I need you to relay some information for me.

She stays in touch with him.

I think someone's at the door.

She fought for women's rights.

You can come pick up the goods, or we can bring them to you.

Everybody knows that.

A committee should apply the focus to the more concrete problem.

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The irrational conversation continued.

That problem has been shelved for the time being.

They made the pilot fly the Navy helicopter.

Her eyes flashed with joy.

I'm thinking of matching you against Yoshida in the race.

What changes the world is communication, not information.

I ran as fast as I could, but I missed the bus.

How long do you think Mah can hold his breath?

Chastity extended the youth.

She told me that she bought a CD.

I gave one to Matthieu, too.

I make it rule never to borrow money.

Why do the five yen coin and the fifty yen coin have holes in the center?


I have to stay home and take care of Tahsin.

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Have you already eaten at home?

Can I leave John a message?

They washed their ears.

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The game was very exciting.

I got up an hour ago and in the meantime I've brushed my teeth, washed and shaved myself and done my morning gymnastics.

I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things.

Vladislav is off his rocker.

That's exactly what it means!


Miles is playing tennis with Alvin.

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This is getting kind of creepy.


I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll end up in jail.

Knudsen is trying to do just that.

The child is eating the meat.

I'll call you tonight.

She has decided to live in the United States for good.

I'm not leaving you alone.

Some of Lui's chooks got through a hole in the fence and dug up his neighbour's lettuce plants.

We always had fun.


The dress fits her form.

Lisa certainly had a point when he said we should allow more time to complete the project.

After a while, he came.

A little birdie told me you were there.

Romain likes to drink beer.


I'm grateful for that.

It makes me feel dirty.

He asked after my wife when I met him today.

What was Lievaart's last name before she got married?

It has been estimated that, as a result of the destruction, fifty species of wildlife are disappearing from the earth each day.