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Affordable + Easy to Learn + Easy to Use
EasyBill32 currently runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10!
+ No-risk 60 day trial period with no up front payment
+ Currently being used in 39 states
+ Support via toll-free phone and internet
+ Interface with online payment processing services
+ Bill water, gas, electricity, sewer, trash, fire protection, etc.
+ One source for updates, support, and all forms
+ Interface modules for virtually any AMR system
Announcing our BRAND NEW Windows 10 Tablet RMR Application!
Click HERE to view the Tutorial Video
For utility systems that are not ready for automated meter reading systems such as touch-read, radio-read or relay-read meter configuration, CCS now has an application for use on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 tablets or notebook computers. This application provides a means whereby new meter readings can be keyed in at the meter site with a warning about any new reading that is outside of the expected range. This warning feature will help to prevent the need for re-reads. This application also eliminates the need for keying in new meter readings in the billing office since the readings keyed in at the meter sites can be imported from the tablet or notebook computer into EasyBill32 on the office computer. 
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