Put a pan of water on the stove.

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That accounts of her delay.

The locals around here really live at a relaxed pace.

You're better off without him.


I got a bit carried away when I was dancing and got up on the table.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

There is no disguising the fact from her.

If he asks, I will give it; if not, not.

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I owe him 100 yen.

Matthias denied taking drugs.

Is there a public beach around here?

They intend to join the two in marriage.

Can we talk to you for a minute?


She's waiting for a knight on a white horse to take her away.

She has had quite a lot to drink.

Building turned into ashes

I am of the opinion that the tax should be abolished.

Mom, where's the cat?


I have received personal information, from a very high quarter, that a certain document of the last importance, has been purloined from the royal apartments.

His work is a synthesis of several ideas.

The book is out of print.


Rudolph is gregarious.

Malus is shaving his beard.

Dominic has denied any guilt.

You can't just do this.

Are your fingers broken?


Nothing can take an American by surprise. It has often been said that the word "impossible" was not a French one. People have obviously looked in the wrong dictionary. In America, all is easy, all is simple and mechanical difficulties are overcome before they arise.

I regret not having been here in time.

I won't be able to sleep tonight.

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I just wanted to play golf.

You're an excellent detective.

She tweezed her eyebrows.

Could you ask Stephan to call me?

He was evidently surprised when he came across me.

I have arrived at work.

I don't mean to pry, but are you having problems at home?


Darrell had no intention of waiting for three hours.

What am I going to wear?

Dorian found the key he had been looking for.

He was conscious of her presence.

Troy is the perfect girl for you.

Brandi is always lying.

He bent over and picked up small stones.

Show me how you did it.

I know nothing about it.

It's under the bed.

If she asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?


It is the secret for improving one self.

Solidarity is a weapon.

You are incredibly naive!


This is what Moses gave me last Christmas.

You should only believe about half the things Syd says.

I also use this study for receiving guests.

Wolf is putting on his coat.

I can't let Pierette see me like this.

I don't think he's a great actor.

We still have masses of work.


I think we should talk.


You said the same thing about Phill.

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Bertrand never goes anywhere without his dog.

I'm having the place totally renovated.

We would have bought the plane tickets if the price had been a little lower.


Never have I seen such a beautiful sight.


Olof broke up with Stewart last week.

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Just tell me what's on your mind.

I'll never forget your face.

We'll get to Boston before it gets dark, I think.

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I thought Part was your friend.

Can you tell them to call back?

I can't support him through this.

He lived alone in the countryside.

You must study your whole life.

Make a decision and make it with the confidence that you are right.

I don't remember you at all.


I hate infinite scrolling, because I strongly believe that users should have a right to choose if they want to load the next page or not.

I'm a beginner in Lojban.

Jim was able to hold back his anger and avoid a fight.

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I'll show you that I am right.

Eddy came over while you were asleep.

All the expenses will fall on the sponsor.

I haven't been successful.

Lynn used to be in a relationship with Piercarlo.


The homework was easily done.

I need you here.

How dare you do that to her?


The first fight is a fair fight.

Suu is in a big hurry.

I was prepared to do anything they asked me to do.

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I can't make them do anything.


My headache is gone.

We'll visit you one of these days.

William had a troubling secret.

It didn't really hurt.

He was mortified at his failure in business.

My brother and I went to see John off at the airport.

I think you're selfish.

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Everybody hoped that Anita wouldn't die.


They owe a huge amount of money on their house.

Helge fell asleep during the show at the Planetarium.

All teachings were translated beautifully by Raj into English as hardly anyone could understand any Esperanto.

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Jane may not be at home now.

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She clearly wants to go.

Werner is cold, distant and arrogant.

You may not be right.

Novo doesn't drink coffee.

I hadn't really noticed Spike got a haircut until you mentioned it.


My mother doesn't speak much English.

We saved you a seat right here.

She has a large mansion.

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Pitawas's only got eyes for Elaine.

We had Gene Jackson under surveillance.

I want to be there, you know.

Barry and Piete bought a house in the suburbs.

Don't I look great?

The audience applauded.

To the professor, she was a joy to teach.


The king ruled over the island.

Permit me to stay.

I'm quite a stranger in this town.


Shouldn't this be in the refrigerator?

For your birthday, I'll buy you anything you want.

I'm trying to find my balance back.

The head of a sledgehammer can weigh anywhere from 1 kilogram to 9 kilograms.

Everyone on the ship thought it was going to sink.

Subra forgot to buy milk.

Orville will attend today's meeting instead of me.


I'd like to pay in cash.

Should we call room service?

I work in the State Department.

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You're not going to believe it.


I prepared breakfast for Myrick.

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The Jacksons are our neighbors.

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Naturally he accepted the invitation.

Saumya can't play tennis very well.

They are peace-loving people.

It's too much.

Tell Kees we plan to be there on time.

Sandeep seems very sleepy.

I've been studying French for three years.

My best friend really understands me.

More and more people have a computer in their home.

The real, biological nervous system is highly complex and includes some features that may seem superfluous based on an understanding of artificial networks.

There'll come a day when you'll regret it.


May I help you clear the table?

Jef bought a new winter coat.

Moe bought a camera on eBay.

Angus and I were both pretty busy yesterday.

I am transitioning well from a man to a woman.

Jackson had his arm around a young lady.

I didn't mean to overstep my bounds.

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The storm destroyed the whole town.

Eliot is a liberal.

I think it strange that she didn't say anything.

We'll stop her.

He fainted with hunger and fatigue, but came to after a while.

I fell in love with a matryoshka.

Since the temperature has warmed, my coat has become an encumbrance.

My parents met on a blind date.

You know a great deal about me, but I don't know anything about you.