Eliot heard the shower running.

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Kevan forgot to bring his lunch today.

I go to school on Saturday.

I said we'd find them.

You are really talented.

Today, we have to sleep outdoors.


Nanda invited Jesper to spend the night with him.

He is likely to be late for school.

It seems that everybody is an American.


The new hotel invited suggestions from the guests.

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He is homeless.


Don't stand up.


I'm not your boyfriend.

Sometimes even small mistakes can lead to big accidents.

I want him behind bars.

Elliot wondered if Emma could understand French.

Open your eyes.

There seems to be no end to the number of young people committing suicide these days.

Please be quick about it.

Do you think Lum is vain?

I was surprised when Clarissa offered to pay for everything.

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Let's not waste our money.


This could take weeks.


She won't know.

I don't know what to call you.

Did you have a nice summer?


Get your things.

There are electric eels in this small lake.

Have you had lunch?


Could you explain how this machine works?

Cory is hardly listening.

I am dirty-blond.

I never had this happen before.

I would like to get a camera like this.


No one called my attention to it.


Wolfgang didn't scare me.

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None of the money was left in the money box.

You're a mean old man.

Bart's a bit freaked out.

Do you know where Stefan's car is parked?

Julia doesn't use rinse. He only uses shampoo.


I don't remember you asking me to do that.

I was supposed to meet Meehan here yesterday.

She's not the woman she was before she got married.

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This writer spent several years in the field with the troops.

Guido stepped aside and let Seymour walk in.

Did you get the flowers that I sent you?

We are great Tigers fans.

The train for Birmingham leaves from platform 3.

You shouldn't have given Hotta a gun.

Normally you'd call 250 yards a great distance for an amateur.

Is it true that you weren't here yesterday?

It has been five years, I still remember it.


The artist captured the charm of the lady.

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I don't have anything to give you.

Would you please get some rest?

It's not too hard to do that.

Who's your favorite hockey player?

This world is difficult.

Bill lives near the sea.

Do you eat at home or do you eat out?

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You're so weird.


I want a chair.


Jeany is old enough to be Frederick's father.

Why didn't you say yes?

Did Huashi find you?


Not being able to carry out payments on time can cause very large losses for the consumer.

I don't want Sabrina to go out after dark.

I am extremely unpleasant.

I was afraid of getting lost in the dark.

I'm four months pregnant.

How long's Anita been there?

Her nail polish had begun to come off.

Manias can be alarming.

I don't really want to bother you with my problems.

I ask myself what he did.

He is of royal blood.


Herve is in his thirties.

Your agent has already called on me.

What is that supposed to mean?

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Only ask questions to which the reply can be either "yes" or "no".

This table is the same as that one.

Jwahar is a viticulturist.

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I spent all the money I had to buy the book.

Dan discovered that his wife had been unfaithful.

People who don't know the sadness of love aren't able to talk about the experience of love.


The company suffered a great loss.

Tell her that I am pegging up the washing.

We're back in business.

Your parents are back together.

Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

I'm really upset about it.

You have to organize your time.


Tommy knew everything about Lorraine.

Not coming on time is very bad.

Nici and Amir were sitting at the counter.

There is only one towel in our bathroom.

Tammy was actually here tonight.

We have to pick those apples right now, otherwise they'll decay.

I don't want you to be angry.

You're home early.

The weather does not look like clearing up today.


He takes very good care of his guests.

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It was warm yesterday.

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She was surprised to see him.


Juergen asked me to take it to Brenda.

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He is not coming, apparently.

I'm dying for a cold drink.

Leslie is planning a birthday party for Marsh.

The Burning of Judas is still common in some Christian communities.

I broke a vase today.

I caught Sjouke looking into the neighbors' windows.

Living as a vampire, and getting used to it, isn't such a big deal.

Leung doesn't speak much French.

It's the best house in town.

The practice should be done away with.

African elephants are divided into two different species: savannah and forest elephants.

Pilot leafed through the magazine that was on the coffee table.

It's unlikely that the meeting will start on time.

Wilson congratulated me on my success.

She speaks only about work.


I swear that it is true, or may lightning strike me down.


The car wasn't parked where Spy told me it was.

We're being audited.

Can you go around the world in a day?

Life is full of mysteries.

Vic knows precisely what he's doing.


Cutting in line is a big pet peeve of mine. Folks should have to wait their turn!

Pia is quite harmless.

I thought that was crazy.

I'm through with Marguerite.

The driver opens the door. Ronald (his manager), Bo (his agent), John (his make-up man), and several girlfriends get in.


That's one of mine.

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I've never met Clarissa's wife.

This is the same purse that I lost a week ago.

Panos is looking for his cat.

You can't help now. It's too late.

It took a whole month to break in those new shoes.

Why do you have that?

It began to dawn.

I can't do anything for them.

Go get your helmet.


This movie is just great.

She was scared to death of her husband.

Raanan never liked Svante.

We can't afford to be choosy now.

Will you try this on for me?

Drinking wine aids digestion.

I have not stolen it. I simply borrowed it without leave.

The city was destroyed in the war.

Dan recommended a reasonably-priced hotel.


I was accustomed to heat.

How was I to know Aaron would change his mind?

There are a couple of parks not too far from my house.

I made my orange scarf and white smock very bright, so people would notice them right away.

I can't help but complain.

You seem nice.

I'm leaving for Chicago next week.


The path was narrow.