Dorian never agrees with Evelyn.

I don't want to have to warn you again.

Children imitate their parents.

I want to write a book about the spiders in my region.


I told Marion to ask Martha.

You are always welcome.

Something very weird happened to me yesterday.


He stepped into the room arms crossed.


The United States Congress makes the laws.

I wanted to let them go.

Our uncle called on me all the way from Kyushu.

Last time I sent out my humble work, the afterword to "left-right", written on the promise that you'd keep it secret from him, this time it's the afterword to that afterword.

Mr. Jackson is our principal.

I just want to hug you.

I'm going to make sure Judith does what you told him to do.

You know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life.

It rained yesterday afternoon.

Think first!

I later realized that Beijing people walk slowly.


Herb's company is incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

I'm on my way back to Boston.

How do you think I can convince her to spend more time with me?

Kent didn't take a shower this morning.

Sarah was too surprised to talk.

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The stories written by Amy Church are all interesting.

He came down the hill on his bicycle.

The cab arrived late.

You need not have hurried so much.

In Japan, you are surrounded by beauty.

I think Huashi is willing.

I feel so good!


The young girl sighed.

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I had a lovely night.


Let's suppose the grass fattens the cow and the cow produces 16 liters of milk every day.


Rajarshi was praising you, you know.


She's up to her neck in debt.

I'll have it by the end of the week.

Clara is moving in.

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Let's rest for five minutes.


He was living in London when the war broke out.

Father built me a new house.

I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

Jeff and Mahmoud both drink too much coffee.

It's a matter of etiquette.

The car crashed into the guard-rail and rolled down the hill.

Pilar realized that he had fallen in love with Clay.

I said I'll get it.

You can't walk.

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He urged his government not to sign it.

William woke up feeling grumpy.

I was wet with dew.

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What are your hobbies?


Boyce bargained with the salesman hoping to get a lower price.

I'm sorry, but I can't eat dinner with you.

You will find this in a hardware store.

Let's meet again 45 minutes from now.

About how long did it take you to translate this book?

We all work too hard.

Jarvis works alone.

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I'll lend you any book that I have, as long as you keep it clean.


It's mine.

I prepared a weak solution of sugar.

This Joseph will run.

Let us stop to think how much we depend upon atomic energy.

I'd like to get some sleep.


He told me where to buy origami.

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This report is very sloppily written.

I'm alright.

I know all about Hotta.

Let her carry it.

I am a realistic person.

The loss of her father was very painful for her.

Are you enjoying the evening?


Please fetch me a piece of paper.


That old trapper lived in California.


The defeated army retreated from the country.


He joined the club last year.

Joon is rich and single.

Vaughn's attitude infuriates me.

Mahesh will accompany the children to school.

Ravindran cried himself to sleep every night last week.

We all found a good place to eat.

Don't you know that you are the laughingstock of the whole town?


Embrace your dreams.


Would you come with us?


That's all they wanted.


He has had a clean record for the past ten years.

Maybe one day, I'll go to Boston.

She is happiest when she is at home.

Put your plan into practice as soon as possible.

Here is the map.


I'm not comfortable discussing this here.

The river has become much cleaner than before.

Leave it to me, I told him, that's too heavy for you.


Masanao will be in touch with us.

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My name is Tamako, and yours is?


Every time the woman teacher passed the school yard, someone gave her the razz.

Leith and Pamela don't see each other very often.

Japan has to import most of its raw materials.


Knapper didn't know whether to be amused or horrified.

This book is suitable for general readers.

The eloquent campaigner was elected hands down.


She's a skater.


We need to teach her a lesson.


He advocated to us that the changes be made.

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Maybe Seth did it.

Johnathan has fully recovered.

I'm very sorry, but we don't know each other.

We don't use pesticides like those on our farm.

She made up her mind to be a secretary.

He's a lawyer.

How are you managing?

Sherri says he can't trust anybody.

I was annoyed at his behavior.

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Will you keep this seat for me?

My father was the same age I am now when he moved to Boston.

We both saw them.

I was about your age when I came to Boston.

She usually gets up early.

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Kindergarten children act better than Ed and his friends do.

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The American and Japanese ambassadors met at a conference.


We own a few hundred acres between the three of us.


Come and tell me in my room.

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He doesn't watch any television.

Nowadays there are railways all over England.

Polly turned down the TV.


Luc threw up before the play because she was so nervous.


She advised him to go abroad while he was still young.

How did he find us?

Shari is a crackpot.


I'm getting sick and tired of all your complaints.

You look pale. You'd better take a day off.

You've got to start somewhere.


The police aren't after us anymore.

The climbers awoke before daybreak.

Every person is unique.

Don't mess with me.

All you can do is wait.

He is an eager beaver.

I'm taking him some food.


Gil said he hoped that Adrian would come to his party.

You won't need to worry about that again.

Sorrel isn't a crook.

Surya is responsible for what happened to Horst.

No work can be done with ease.

Why would Lila come over here and help us?

Why do you laugh so hard at his jokes? They're not even funny.

List and Howard were sitting across from each other at a table on the veranda.

That would be awful.

It's not what you say that counts, but how you say it.

Why did you kill him?


I always make a point of painting things as they are.