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Great Technical Support


You won’t believe it’s the same old computer. Your system will work like it did on the day you bought it! No kidding!

Diagnosis & Repair 

The one stop comprehensive diagnostic & repair station for your computer and connected devices. We’ll fix anything!

Setup & Install

Confused and frustrated with device setup & installation? Leave it to the experts, which means all you’ve to do is sit back & relax

Virus Removal

Online threats, viruses, hackers! Isn’t your head spinning already? PCFirstAid will take care of optimizing your security infrastructure

Computers And Accessories

Receive instant tech support for all your computer devices and its accessories that functions together with your computer. PCFirstAid covers add-on accessories like scanners, keyboards, printers, and more.

Home Networks

Install, Setup, & enjoy working with your home network through the help of PCFirstAid technical support professionals. Establish your own firewall while adding another home device to your home network at the same time.


Learn to install & use some of the widely used and well- known software programs on your computer. Set up and repair software programs and applications with the best support assistance from PCFirstAid.

Our instant tech support includes

Our technical support services are available 24X7 365 days a year. Call us now for instant fix for any software issues that your computer may have.

  • Instant help for any operating system error in your computer.
  • PC optimization
  • Award winning support for any software issue that your computer may have.
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Our Services

In-Home Support

Now you can get our expert visit your home or office to help you with problems.

Remote Support

Instant fix for software issues on your computer. We can help you resolve any critical problem with your computer instantly.

Extended Warranty

Invested a lot of money on hardware of your pc. Extend the warranty on your pc for any physical damage and secure.

Operating system support

Most of the computers come with pre-installed operating system like windows. Your normal computer hardware warranty does not cover operating system issues that may arise due to malware, trojan etc. Get a warranty on operating system and we would be liable to fix any error that may arise.

Digital home support

Digital home support means a complete software coverage for computer and peripherals in your home.

Small business support

Looking IT support for your business? We can provide comprehensive 24X7 support service with Zero downtime.

Just select the service that fits your needs
and leave the rest to us.

For instant tech help Call to 1 800 935 6191 Toll Free now.